You’ve taken me out tonight
You took me out on Monday
I can’t afford the time
I’m running out of money

If you come once again
Well I’m gonna bite
You mess up all my plans
You’re provoking a snowslide

Dear sir you took my time
That I could be rehearsing
Well I’ve commited a crime
I’m a quick-tempered person

When the fire is born
Let the fire go
If you keep it inside
Then you’re gonna burn
You waste my time
Play with my worried worried mind
Deserve to die

I bit you twenty times ‘till I lost my breath
I stabbed knives in your eyes
Then took a chopper to chop ya
Nick this down, my friend
Nick this down, my friend
Nick this down, nick this down,
Down, down, down!

You were not thin
Your parts are too huge for my dustbin
The room ain’t clean
What the hell!
Shame on you,
My dear friend!
You keep bothering me even after the end!
I’m so tired of killing
Let me lay my head…

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