I have lost here so much time
But I feel I’ve still got much more to lose
It’s so dark and wet inside
But I am too weak to kick off your shoes
To become a Jesus Christ
It is not enough to climb on the cross
Running out of the vicious circle just to reach another
Found/lost, found/lost

And I can’t help myself getting higher and higher
On you
To be poisoned by this burning desire
From you
I will run so soon
But where I’m gonna run to?

Eating porridge of my tears
God knows for how long it is gonna last
I’m so envious of your tricks
How you turn your future into your past
To be healthy, to keep fit
I keep running after the leaving train
Hearing much or hearing none
Now it’s all for me the same
Pain pain pain


I’m getting used to eating shit
Well done with gravy made of rain
I’m glad to be back to my suffering again
To see you from the different sides
Felt like a slow suicide
Cause every curve of yours
I know is mine

Prod my voodoo with a pin
You don’t seem to have a clue what it brings
You’re so good at everything
But especially at forgetting things
I’m so sorry for being rude
There is one thing that you can’t forget
Neither can I, that’s a shame
How surprising! It is you to my regret
Rat, RAT!


From you I will run with no excuse
Cause I cannot accept your rules
I can’t enjoy this game at all
I’d rather crawl away than fall