To my grandma I gave a piece of LSD
To make sure I put it in her evening tea
And by the time the town was covered with the lights
My lovely granny had gone completely nuts
The first thing she discovered — she was so alone
To keep her company she turned on her gramophone
But instead of sappy ballads of true love and wedding salads
She heard: “Get up! Get up! Come on, dance with fire, granny!”
She heard the smell of coffee, touched the sound with her hand
Sound appeared to be a gentleman with a bowler hat
It felt so good to have him near
Heard him whisper in her ear saying:“Get up! Get up! Come on, kiss your lover, baby!”
Granny aha, granny ahu, granny aheee!
Her head spun round her shoulders
Shoulders took her chest
Her chest spun round her belly,
Her hips and the rest
And as the top started spinning
She gets such uplifting feeling
That shouts: “Get up! Get up! Come on, spin with fire granny!”
The spinning pulled her down the stairs and outside
Heart full of joy, eyes full of tears at the sight
Barefoot in nasty weather
Felt herself as light as a feather
She cried: “Get up! Get up! Come on, walk with fire!”
Granny found herself so far away from home
12 hours passed as one
And among the bright ideas one struck hard
As she was walking down the lane —
She’ll never be the same again
“Was it a sign from Heaven
Or was I messing up with Devil —
I will never understand!
But who really cares In the end?”

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